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Welcome to the Original Drinking Games WikiEdit

Everyone plays the same handful of drinking games over and over again until they are run into the ground. This wiki consists of quirky, original drinking games of my own creation and hopefully outside games that others have come up with because I am sick of playing fucking Kings.

The IdeaEdit

The goal of this whole thing is basically just as much fun as possible. A lot of drinking games have either been done to death or consist of flipping over a single card which either means 'drink' or 'don't drink'. These games aim to add a little depth, interest, and challenge to make them more fun like old fashioned board games. They are supposed to get you and your friends really into the games, laughing, and drinking with completely original ideas or at the very least a new spin on old concepts. I am constantly looking for new, fun games to play with my friends when we're pre-gaming etc. Hopefully, others are too and these can help. I tried to use pretty basic materials so that nobody would be excluded and while some may sound complicated, usually after playing a single round they really come to life and everyone can get the hang of it. So have fun with friends, learn a few new games, drink some drinks, and spread the word!

      Two Player Games:                         Three Player Games:                     Party Games:
     The Royal Drink Bin                          Spooky Houses                    What's Under the Hat?
  Paper Footballs of Destiny             The Royal Drink Bin (For Three)                 Shout Out
     Yet To Be Created 1...                   Yet To Be Created 2...                The Royal Party Bin
                                                                                      Twisted Twister
                                                                                     Hand of Black Jack
                                                                                  Euros/Convoluted Quarters
                                                                                    Yet To Be Created 3...

Please Drink Responsibly and only if you're 21+.

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